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System Migration and Conversion

Business Challenge

Replace an out of date TMS solution with a state of the art solution to improve transportation efficiency and reduce cost.


Wayfare was engaged as the IT Project solution to work with the solution implementation vendor hired by the business team.

The clients engaged our services to:

  • Manage the IT team
    • Business requirements review
    • Develop integration solutions with existing in-house systems
    • Develop middleware to support data movement between systems
    • System, Integration, and User Acceptance Testing


    Wayfare created a project schedule and tied with the business project schedule with critical milestones. We worked together with the business solution integrator and were able to meet our stretch goal of delivering the solution successfully 5 weeks early to meet business and IT needs.



    Benefits Achieved

    Integrate COTS software with existing in-house and other COTS systems We were able to integrate the Oracle TMS with other best of breed software and in-house systems to create a state of the art TMS solution which met requirements, ahead of schedule.

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